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How to integrate Group Doorman with Benchmark Email

To integrate Benchmark Email with Group Doorman, you’ll need to install our Chrome extension for the group you’re currently managing. You’ll also need a Benchmark Email account.

Adding Benchmark Email to Group Doorman integrations

1.Let’s start setting up your integration! To begin, open up Group Doorman and head over to the Manage groups tab (1). Next, click on the +Add integrations button (2) to get started.

2. Now let’s move on to the next step. Scroll down the list of available integrations until you find Benchmark Email and click on it.

3. Once you’ve selected Benchmark Email, you’ll be taken to a setup form where you can either create a new account or choose an existing one if you’ve already set one up for another group and would like to reuse it.

Adding API key

4. Go to your Benchmark Email , click on your profile picture (1) located in the upper-right corner of the page. Next, select Integrations (2) from the drop-down menu that appears.

5. Now click on the API Key tab (1) in the side menu. Your API Key information will be displayed right there on the page! To copy it, simply click on the Copy Key button (2).

6. Next, paste your API key into the appropriate field in Group Doorman.

Getting List ID

7. Let’s go to Benchmark Email and find Contacts in the side menu (1). Select Contacts (2) from the drop-down list that appears. Once you’re there, click on the Create New List button (3) in the upper-right corner.

8. Click Next on the page open.

9. Select one of the four blocks on the list creation page and click Next.

10. Now, on the following page, give your list a name (1) and then click Next (2).

11. You are on the page of adding contacts to the list. Click the Back arrow when you’re done.

12. On the Contact Lists page, click on the list, you’ve just created.

13. You are currently on the editing page. To find your List ID, go to the address line and look for the text “master_id=…” followed by a set of numbers. These numbers are your List ID.

14. In the Group Doorman setup form, simply paste the List ID that you’ve copied (1) into the corresponding field, and then click on Save and continue (2).

Customize Custom field at Benchmark Email

Group Doorman allows you to post your group members’ responses to MailChimp using custom fields. You’ll need to specify which response corresponds to each field.

15. While there isn’t a direct option to create a custom field at Benchmark Email, you can still personalize your created list by customizing the reserved fields. To do this, head over to the editing list page and scroll down to the Data Field Settings section. Then, scroll right until you see the editable fields (1). Here, you can rename or change them in a way that suits your preferences. Once you’re happy with your changes, just click Save (2).

Completion of setup

16. To complete the Benchmark Email integration setup in Group Doorman, select the fields that you’ve customized in Benchmark Email (1). If you’ve made any recent changes to your fields, select Refresh Fields (2) to ensure that everything is up-to-date. Once you’re happy with your custom fields, click on Save and Close (3) to save your changes and complete the integration setup.

Congrats, your Group Doorman integration with Benchmark Email is now complete! Time to sit back, relax, and let Group Doorman do the heavy lifting. Thanks for using our service!

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