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How to integrate Group Doorman with Kartra

To integrate Kartra with Group Doorman, you’ll need to install our Chrome extension for the group you’re currently managing. You’ll also need Kartra account.

Adding Kartra to Group Doorman integrations

1.First, open Group Doorman and click the Manage groups tab (1). Now click +Add integrations (2).

2. Find Kartra in the list shown and click on it.

3. You have the option to either create a new account or choose an existing one if you have previously set up an account for another group and want to reuse it.

Getting API credentials

4. Now go to Kartra, open Integrations, click on the API, then My API. Your API key and password are visible on the page.

Copy your API credentials and then paste them into the corresponding fields on the Group Doorman form.

Creating App in Kartra and getting APP ID

5. Let’s go to Integrations (1) in Kartra, then click API and My Apps (2) in the left upper corner. Click +APP (3) to create a new App.

Fill out the required fields, and click on Create.

6. Your App ID is now visible on the page.

Just copy the data and paste it into the appropriate field on the Group Doorman form. Don’t forget to click on “Save and continue” afterward.

Creating Tag

7. The Tag field is required in the next step of the integration setup. To create it, simply open the Communications tab (1) in Kartra’s side menu, then select “Tags” (2) in the top left-hand corner. After that, click on the “+Tag” (3) button to create a new tag.

Make sure to fill out all the fields in the form and click “Create” once you’re done.

8. Now select the tag you just created from the Tag field in the Group Doorman form.

Creating List

9. To create a new list in Kartra, click Communications (1) on the side menu. Now click on the Lists (2) on the page open, then click the +List button (3) in the lower-right corner.

Fill out the form, and click Next. Your list was created!

10. Now simply click on the List field in the form, and select the list you just created.

Creating Sequence

11. Next we’ll create a new sequence in Kartra. Click on Communications, then Communications and Sequences, and +Sequence.

Fill in the required fields on the form and click Create.

12. Select the sequence you just created from the appropriate field in the form.

Creating Custom fields

Group Doorman allows you to post your group members’ responses to Kartra using custom fields. You’ll need to specify which response corresponds to each field. Additionally, Group Doorman can automatically generate default custom fields for you. To do this, simply click on the “Create Fields for Answers” button.

12. To create a custom field manually in Kartra, click Forms, followed by Custom Fields, and then click on +Field.

Fill in all the required fields, and click Save.

Completion of setup

13. Manage the Custom fields block in the Group Doorman form, choosing the ones, that were created at Kartra (1) or create a new one right away (2). You can also select Refresh fields (3) if you were changing custom fields at Kartra currently. When you’re done managing custom fields, click Save and close (4).

Congrats! Your Group Doorman integration with Kartra is now set up and ready for use!

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