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How to integrate Group Doorman with Sender

To integrate Sender with Group Doorman, you’ll need to install our Chrome extension for the group you’re currently managing. You’ll also need a Sender account.

Adding Sender to Group Doorman integrations

1. Let’s start by opening Group Doorman and going to the Manage groups tab (1). Once there, just click on the +Add integration button (2) and you’ll be able to smoothly set up your integration.

2. Next, let’s check out the list of available integrations. Look for Sender and simply click on it.

3. When you’re selecting the Sender, a setup form will appear. You have two options at this stage: you can either create a new account or choose one that you’ve used before if you have.

Adding API token

4. Now go to your Sender profile. Just click on the Settings icon (1) at the bottom of the left-side menu. Then, open the API Access tokens tab (2) in the header of the page and click on the Create API token button (3) when it appears.

5. When you see the confirmation pop-up, go ahead and set the token validity time (1) and simply click on Create (2).

6. To easily copy the API token you have generated, simply click the Copy token button visible on the page.

7. Go to the Group Doorman form and paste your API token into the corresponding field (1), then click on the Save and Continue button (2).

Creating a Group

8. Return to Sender and locate the Subscribers tab (1) on the left-side menu. Simply click on it to proceed. Then click on the Groups tab (2) in the header.  You’ll see one group that was already created during registration (3). You can totally use it for a Group Doorman integration, or create a new one by hitting the Create new group button (4).

9. Name your new group (1) and click the Save button (2).

10. Now it’s time to head over to the Group Doorman form and choose the group that best suits your needs.

Creating a Custom field at Sender

Group Doorman allows you to post your group members’ responses to Sender using custom fields. You’ll need to specify which response corresponds to each field. Additionally, Group Doorman can automatically generate default custom fields for you. To do this, simply click on the Create Fields for Answers button.

11. To manually create a custom field in Sender, first, navigate to Subscribers (1) in the side menu, and then click on Fields (2) in the header. From there, simply click on the Create new field button (3) on the page that appears.

13. Name your field (1) in the form open, select the field type (2), and click the Create button (3).

Completion of setup

12. In the Group Doorman form, you have the option to handle the Custom fields section in two ways: firstly, you can select the fields that were created in Sender (1), or secondly, you can create new fields instantly (2). If you’ve made any changes in Sender, just click on Refresh fields (3) to ensure that the form is up to date. Once you’re done managing the custom fields, you can simply save and close the form by clicking on Save and close button(4).

Well done! You’ve successfully integrated Group Doorman with Sender. Now, take a breather and let Group Doorman handle everything else. Don’t stress about any complications – Group Doorman has got you covered.

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